Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garo #285

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Garo #285, June, 1988.
In the later Garo issues, the stories tend to be shorter (nothing like Shirato's 100-page Kamui-den monsters) with almost twice the number of artists. Since I only really want to read one of them, I'm going to stop scanning all of the others or trying to translate everyone's names. Instead, I'm just going to run the Tori Miki manga, and reprint the table of contents for anyone that wants to look at it. Tori Miki didn't appear all that regularly - maybe only every 3 or 4 months. And then again, Mandarake doesn't have every issue used for every year. So, going through what they do have, I was able to find 3 issues that Tori was in. Unfortunately, one of the issues was "alternative adult" enough to prevent me from showing it in an area that minors can access. So, I can only show 2 of the 3 stories next.

King Rilke

This is the first chapter of a potential short series, which wasn't continued in any of the other volumes I found. Click on the image to start reading it.

Ad for "Damatte ore ni tsuite koi" (which I'm translating as "Shut up and come over here").

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