Saturday, April 23, 2011

Going to the...

After coming down to Kyushu, I've found myself taking photos of a wider variety of birds than I'd expected. Certainly, there are species here that I haven't seen before, which is rather exciting. The problem is that my little pocket camera, outside of having a cracked screen, isn't really suited to taking these kinds of photos. Either the birds move too fast, are too far away, or are in conditions where the camera just can't focus on them. I'll make do with what I can, but I am wishing for a good $1,300 rig.

At one end of the airport, near the expressway, is a Marui grocery store. And right next to Marui, at the corner of the block, is a JA (Japan Agriculture) car park. For the most part, it seems to be a dumping point for disused cars and small vans. In with these cars, bordering the Marui parking lot, someone constructed a makeshift chicken coop. Now, while there's nothing meaner than a junkyard chicken, you do NOT want to go up against the ones with mullets. Or mess with their millet. The last thing you want mullet millet.

I like these little guys. I think they're river martins, but I can't ID them quickly. I do know that when I was at a river a few miles away, several similar birds were dive bombing the insects over the river before sweeping back to their nests in the rafters of a garage along the street next to the river.

These guys have a nest under the roof of the Kareigawa train station building. A couple of them enjoyed sitting on the banner stand used to advertise the station itself. They're actually pretty brave, letting me get about 6 feet away from the banner stand. The problem was when they were in the rafters and the camera couldn't focus on them.

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