Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orange Line Galaxy Express 999

In Tokyo, the Keio line running through the anime studio district of Nerima will occasionally feature one of the trains painted up with Galaxy Express 999 artwork. It runs at random times and even the station personnel I've talked to don't know when and where it will be seen. I've given up on seeing it myself.

So imagine my surprise when a similar car rolled through Izumi during my stay there (actually, I was just returning from the visit of the Izumi samurai residences mentioned in the last post). It was a good three blocks between me and the station, and I fully expected it to be gone when I managed to run up to the station building. Fortunately for me the train had a scheduled stop in Izumi and wouldn't be departing for another 10 minutes. Additionally, the Orange Line is not one of those where you have to buy a ticket to be able to get through the gates to reach the platform. Instead, it's more like a bus where you get your ticket as you get on the train. Again, it's still random, and you do have to be in Kyushu to see it, but it is way cool. (No, I didn't ride it myself, because I had a dinner appointment at the hotel restaurant a few minutes later. But I would have liked to.)

This photo was taken of the other side of the train from the crosswalk running up over the tracks.

This is a signed advertising poster at the Kagoshima Airport, which isn't actually attached to the train system in any way, but it is promoting the 999 train.

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