Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photos backlog 10

It's Octoplant!

Billboard ad for a One Piece campaign, found on the train platform at Mitaka, west of Shinjuku.

Domino's has its own campaign. Pay extra and you can get the One Piece artwork on the box.

As part of a different One Piece campaign, 7-11 was selling burrito-style wrap sandwiches and bento dinners. The sandwiches weren't bad, but kind of pricey at over $3 USD each.

This is where Japan is way ahead of the U.S. in terms of marketing and technology. For every 300 yen worth of One Piece food products you buy at 7-11 at one time, you get a special serial number printed on the receipt. Then, you go to the 7-11 website and enter the serial numbers. Each number gives you one point. You can then choose to enter a raffle drawing for a t-shirt at 1 point per try, or toys and figures at 3 to 5 points per shot. This takes you to a separate screen with the magic pull ball machine. The odds are very low for actually winning anything.

"Hazure" means "you lose". This is a screen cap of the losing screen from the website.

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