Monday, May 9, 2011

Gakken kit #31

Ok, time for a short reality check.


Ok, reality is still there. That's a good thing as far as realists are concerned. If you go to California, you can find Big Sur Real, which is really bizarre if you think about it realistically.

Back in January, Gakken started getting erratic with its Otona no Kagaku scheduling. Kit 30 was released behind schedule, and #31 broke the "every 3 months" pacing by setting the release date of the Udar "sometime in the Summer". This was followed by the link for "Next Kit Up" being completely removed from the website and all mention of the Udar disappearing.

Well, just now I decided to check the Gakken page, and not only is "Next Up" back up, the official release date is now set, and kit #31 is not going to be the Udar after all. Instead, it's going to be the Entomopter.

Kit #31: Entomopter
June 9, 2011
100 pages
2,400 yen (approx. $28 USD).

Also, just as an observation, the Otona no Kagaku site now has a much more complete collection of kit instructions in English, for those of you that have difficulty building them from the Japanese instructions.


End of reality check. Yours is running a bit slow. Please replace the batteries and use a paperclip to press the reset button on the bottom of the case. Turn on power and keep holding the button down for 3 seconds before releasing. Reality should recover. If not, please contact the manufacturer to request a replacement reality (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Make sure you include a copy of your receipt with the returned unit. Contact the manufacturer at 900-555-1212 to obtain a service code in advance to expedite your order. All sales final, no substitutions in the case of discontinued models. If your reality has been discontinued, you can order an upgrade from the manufacturer's website.)

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