Saturday, May 28, 2011

May edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from January to May, regarding anime, manga and related stuff. The reasons I don't post these more often is that it can take a month to get 4-5 articles off the major media sites, and that no one comments on them here when I do post them.

Generic New News

Japan Times

Boycott of 'anime' fair worries industry

Towns hoping video game tieups lure hits

Story on Liu Chon, AKA L Dart.
Chinese manga artist tries his hand in Japan

Gantz movie review

I don't know what is it about foreign artists attempting to do manga in Japan, but they occasionally get some coverage in the English newspapers, but never seem to be good enough to be worth reading. Anyway, here's a piece on Lars Martinson and Adam Pasion, if you care.
American ex-pats in Japan draw manga

Artist Yoshitaka Amano interview

Aspiring animator comes to Japan to chase her dreams

Comments on a new book detailing the popularity of costumed mascots in Japan.
The busy lives of Japan's super furry creatures

"Watanabe Masako and Kai Yukiko, Fantastic Journey" Review

Anime's late, late show

Review of "Drucker in the Dugout" NHK TV anime series

"Tezuka Osamu's Student Life in Osaka University: To Be a Doctor or a Manga Artist, That Is the Question"

Daily Yomiuri

Puff piece on Kazuhiko Kato, formerly known as Monkey Punch, now a professor of Media and Arts at Otemae University in Osaka.
Mangaka punches above his weight

2011 is now-or-never time for Japan's pop culture biz

Review of One Piece and Toriko 3-D movie

From a historical perspective, the following article is important, in that it discusses one of the very early picture scrolls that pre-dates ukiyo-e-style "manga" illustrations, and was drawn at about the time of the "Tales of Genji" scroll.
Famous 'manga' scroll originally had 2 sides

Comments on "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" TV anime series

New York Anime Festival

New 'Macross' film satisfies as it showcases possbilities of anime

Review of the manga by Juri Ogawa
Review of "Orecchi the former racehorse"

Everyone wants to be otaku in Mexican city

"Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below" review

Comments on end of 'Madoka' TV anime

Review of English translation of Mizuki's "On Toward Our Noble Deaths"

Comments on Anisong event held in China in Feb.

Review of "Buddha"

"Buddha" manga exhibit at Tokyo Museum

Monkey Business: New Voices

Anime 'Pilgrimages'

Review of a documentary on the sound engineer for the early "Astro Boy" TV series.
The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps

Review of a Hideo Azuma manga exhibit

Japan should embrace its cosplay culture



The life of the JET teacher goes manga in Lars Martinson’s Tonoharu


French festival exposes Japan's female manga underground

Translator fined over child porn cartoons

Japanese Manga Artist Gives Recital in Versailles

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