Saturday, May 21, 2011

More stuff about stuff with food

Super Octane soft drink. Note the gas pump on the can.

I found a second of the Roots-Lupin "celebration" series cans in the trash next to a kiosk and took the opportunity to take a shot of it.

Then I simply bought another can when I was at the International Exchange Center and wanted something to drink during lunch. I'll do a write-up on the IEC at a later date. It's a government center with local community support offices, a passport office, and a hi-def audio-visual center that shows anime a few times per month. I've been hanging out there a little bit, buying snacks from the discount kiosk on the first floor. They've got the 150 yen Roots coffees for 118 yen.

Here's the full set of "Roots 10th" cans.

Vending machine ad for the Roots/Shonen Jump tie-in (buy a can of Roots coffee, get a free web comic for your cell phone).

Where the U.S. has Dollar Stores, Japan has 100 Yen shops (100 yen = 1.20 USD). Actually, it looks like there are two separate 100 Yen chains, with outlets from both of them just a few blocks apart in the Tenmonkan shopping district. One of the chains specializes in housewares, and is connected to a discount clothing shop that has primarily women's and children's clothes and things like bath towels in the 900 to 3000 yen range. The other chain just carries a whole bunch of stuff for 100 yen, including snacks and sodas. In the second chain outlet, there were boxes of "Evangelion Special Chocolates" - 4 little chocolate bars with crispy pieces inside. The main selling point is that the boxes include 2 collectors cards. They also had Rei and Asuka boxes. I'm thinking these are leftovers from Valentine's Day.

Some of you may remember that back when I was living near the airport I'd found a store that was still selling the Pepsi bottles with the "Snoopy World" cellphone straps. Well, recently in Kagoshima City I went to Tecc.Land, a strange little place that sells computer equipment and software in the back half of the building, and has makeup, snacks and drinks at the front (like a discounted convenience store). I picked up a 150 ml bottle of Pepsi with the Belgian waffle Woodstock for 88 yen.

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