Friday, May 27, 2011

Nidaime Komezukuri

Second Generation Rice Use (二代目米作り).

Back when I was in Tokyo, I was at Jason's to pick up snacks for work, and this particular label caught my eye. It looked alcohol related, but was discounted to 40 yen (50 cents) and was in the soft drinks section. Actually, it's branded as "Second Generation, Using Rice" (Nidaime Komezukuri). It's an attempt by the JT (Japan Tobacco) corporation to find a use for rice as a carbonated soda pop (probably to make up for JT's decline in profits after the government raised taxes on cigarettes. JT also produces Roots coffee.) It's sweet, and does have something of a rice flavor, though it's closer to Calpis than anything else. The fact that Jason's was unloading it means that JT may need to keep looking.

Drink Nidaime Komezukuri. It's rice-a-licious!

Meanwhile, on a "definitely sake-related" note, we have One Cup Ozeki, This is at the cheap swill end of the sake meter, being what it's called - a one-cup serving of 180 yen ($2.20 USD) sake. The point though, is not the cheap drunk you get from it, but the fact that the back of the labels all show pictures of different uses that have been found for the glasses after they've been washed out. Examples include a pencil holder, a flower vase and a place to put your crayons. Sake used as a vehicle for creative recycling concepts...

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