Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Geobreeders and Moyashimon

Got a number of update announcements this time.

First, I've finally got access to a scanner (occasionally), so I've added pictures to the Moyashimon, vol. 10 summary.

Also added the scan of the page edges for vol. 10.

Next, I've added the scans for the review of "Weekly Masayuki Ishikawa."

For those of you that don't look at the News section of this blog, I put together a character guide and volume summary database for both Moyashimon and Geobreeders. Both pages include information on some of the other works of Ishikawa and Itou. I updated both databases with new scans for the newer character descriptions.

Finally, this isn't really an update, but instead news for those of you that don't visit my Nihon-go Hunter blog. Turns out that Itou really did finish off Geobreeders, Part Two, in volume 16, with Taba last seen as the last survivor of Kagura, Co., trying to run away from the police and Hound. Itou then attempted to start up Part 3, in 2009, picking up with Taba again 3 years later. However, he only got 3 or so chapters into the story before falling ill. So far, I only know of these 3 chapters (thanks, John!) but if there is a fourth, please send me a link to the raws. Anyway, I did a quick and dirty translation and put the files here. Let me know what you think of them.

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