Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photos backlog 14

Well, part of the idea behind running the "photos backlog" series was to catch up on all of the images that I'd collected and hadn't posted yet, but also to give me more blog entries to make up for the fact that I'd hadn't blogged for several days following the quake. I've caught up on the missing blog entries but I still have a number of photos remaining. So, I'm going to run a whole bunch of them all at once.

Any guesses as to what this is?

There's a new anime adaptation of Tezuka's Buddha manga. Interestingly, to me, when I visited a Buddhist temple recently, they had a copy of this poster on their announcements board. I took this picture at the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara.

Taiyaki is that pancake-like thing with sweet red bean paste inside, in the shape of a sea bream. Here, we have a taiyaki-au lait-favored drink. It's kind of like a thick milk shake that tastes like pancakes with red bean paste and milk. It's actually pretty good, but fairly high calorie.

A seed husk.

Stairs leading up to the manga section of the Toranoana book and anime shop in Akihabara.

I'm not sure I want cloting, new or used .

I just liked this brick pattern on the side of a wall in Mitaka.

Vending machine ad telling you to get an electronic payment card so you never have to worry about not having change for buying drinks.

At one point, I decided to just take shots from the office window in Akihabara to try to capture the look of Tokyo. I call the series "Tokyo thru a Window".

Finally, I decided to get more Ultraman cider. Unfortunately, the cans are put into the machine at random, and it doesn't matter which button you push. I wanted to get the can on the left.

When I went to the Edoya liquor shop in Ultra Machi to get the Coedo ji-beer, I noticed that there was a sign next to the cash register saying that they have Ultraman stamps. I asked if they still had them and the clerk gave me these. No idea what they're used for, if anything.

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