Saturday, June 4, 2011

Backing Up

Every so often I wonder what would happen if the hiccups on blogspot or mediafire would turn into something a little more severe and there was a server crash. What would I do if I lost all of the blog entries that I've posted so far? Well, to an extent it wouldn't bother me that much. I figure that someone somewhere might have saved some of the Garo entries to disk, and I still don't know how many people visit here regularly or if they'd be affected by not having the previous entries to look at. Then again, I fall on the side of the tracks of the old 1960's "happenings artists" who thought that the process of creation is more important than having the finished product in your hands, so if the blog went missing it wouldn't feel like that much of a loss.

But, I've had some free time lately, and rather than play yet one more game of solitaire on the computer, which I'm really beginning to hate, I decided to go back through all 1000 entries and copy them to Word files - half a month per file. In fact, it wasn't quite that much work, because I'd already started doing this a while back, and got bored after 12 month's worth of copy-pasting, leaving me 24 months of entries left to catch up on.

It's kind of strange, going back and re-reading some of my old posts. Makes me wish I could visit the Tokyo art galleries again, especially since there's little of anything anime-related down here in Kagoshima. Fortunately, while there was a nostalgic twinge at reading the Garo summaries, I can at least do something about that - Book Off is 10 minutes away and has tons of used manga just waiting to be scooped up. Plus, I just bought a new printer/scanner, so I can start doing proper book summaries again.

What bugged me the most though was finding just how many images mediafire had trashed on me. They've done a number of server upgrades, which included switching to longer file names for the photos. Somewhere along the way they managed to actually lose close to 30 of my 7000+ pictures when they converted to the longer names. Granted, it's a free service and I shouldn't complain, but it is still annoying.

The point of the exercise was to have all of the Word files available to be burned to DVDs, which actually makes them a little easier to read rather than having to do it off the net online. Plus, the images are now physically embedded in the documents so they won't be affected by whatever mediafire does in the future. The next step is to see how they'd look on a kindle.

77 Word doc files
700 meg total disk space consumed
30 hours that could have been spent playing solitaire but wasn't
5 Spam comments deleted
An uncounted number of typos spotted and corrected.

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nitesh said...

Great and Fabulous work. We're bunch of indie folks in India interested a lot in manga, design, architecture and cinema+ Japan.

Will be reading the blog for long time to come! Cheers!