Monday, June 20, 2011

Guides to events and galleries in Kagoshima

One of the resources for foreigners living in Kagoshima is the Kagoshima Visitor's Guide website, sponsored by the Kagoshima Internationalization Council. Some of the information on the site is a couple of years out of date, but the Events and Art section is updated periodically. Actually, the reason I learned about this site is that a paper copy of the Events section, referred to as the Update Newsletter, was distributed to the International Exchange Center, where I found it a few weeks ago. The newsletter isn't available at the Exchange Center all the time, so you may want to subscribe to it online from the website.

A related website is KIA on Web, presented by the Kagoshima International Association. The KIA is located in the International Exchange Center (AKA: The Kenmin Center, across the street from the Reimeikan History Museum). Some of the links on this site are out of date as well, but this is the one announcing the showings at the Anime Theater on the 6th floor of the Center.

I'll also mention here the Kagoshima International Citizen's Society (KICS). Again, most of the information here is 1-2 years out of date, but at least this site does provide some links to useful information anyway,

I've wanted to set up a webcam to monitor the volcano, but there's no good place to do it near my apartment, and it's not practical to put an unmonitored camera along the coastline by myself. But, by sheer accident, I found a link to one webcam already on the net - the Live Kagoshima Camera.

Now, to the part that I wrote this entry to address. I was looking for a listing of art galleries and museums in Kagoshima City, and one of my search terms brought up the City Map. It's on the same server as the above sites, but is apparently not in the list of links for the Update newsletter any more. It was compiled a couple of years ago, and several of the smaller galleries have closed since then. Any galleries that opened in the last year are probably listed on the Update Art Showings page. It's a useful map anyway because it shows the part of the city that I generally visit all the time.

Ootani Gazai - Art supplies
Tenmonkan Gallery - Pottery shop
Nikanbashi Gallery - Sign still up, but replaced by nail salon
Shukei-do - Art Supplies
Yaneura Gallery - Closed
Gallery Shiraishi - Antiques shop
Gallery Kawano - Closed
Gallery Yuu - Closed
Takagi Gasou - Art supplies
Mikoshi Gallery - Mikoshi dept. store turned into Maruya Gardens in 2010. Mikoshi Gallery is now the Emu Gallery on the 3rd floor. Mostly used to display western art for sale in the $50 to $5,000 range.
Gallery Mori - Closed
Cafe d'Art - Closed
Yozan Museum - Still open
Yamakataya Gallery - Still open, Annex building, 6th floor used for various events
City Museum of Art - Still open
Reimeikan - Still open.

Of these places, the City Museum of Art, the Reimeikan and possibly Yozan are worth visiting if you like art. Emu in Maruya Gardens and the Yamakataya galleries are run more as overpriced shops for selling western paintings. The Tenmonkan Gallery sells cups and other pottery, and Shiraishi sells some antiques.


After having typed up the above list, I ended up getting the June edition of the Update newsletter from the International Exchange Center (AKA: The Kenmin Center). They had the "Art Showings" list, and I decided to try tracking down the URLs for those galleries I haven't visited yet to see which ones, if any, were within my walking radius (one is, but only just barely, and it's been raining almost nonstop for the last two weeks so I don't feel like walking outside much).

The new links are:
Nagashima Museum
Kodama Museum of Art
Mizuho Oshiro Gallery
White Gallery

And, I'll include one resource page that also proved useful:
Japanese Pottery Information Center

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