Saturday, June 25, 2011

Myriad Papercraft Links

I've been going through a number of manga lately that haven't really been worth writing reviews about (Kyou kara ore wa, Sidoh, Tough, Needless) and every so often I'll encounter one that has a 3D papercraft page included. (I was a little surprised to notice that the Merry ship from One Piece hadn't been included in the scanillations on Manga Fox.) I was planning on making the Iris Zero figure but the quality is lacking, and I don't have paper heavy enough to support such small pieces. Then I decided that I might as well compile a page of links to the websites I know about, and pretty soon things got out of hand. Below is what I collected before burning out.

One Piece Merry Ship (Japanese only, requires registration)
Master Paper Craft site
Paper Craft Museum (check the beginner tutorial first)
Paper Museum (Japanese only)
Mizorogi Akira site (papercraft designer, Japanese only)
Yasu Tanaka site (papercraft designer, Japanese only)
Mitsubishi (Just different kinds of cars)
Honda (for Children)
Nissan (Just different kinds of cars)
Toyota (4 cars)
Yamaha (lots of different kinds of projects)
West Japan Rail (train cars)
Tobu Rail (train cars, Japanese only)
JGSDF (Japan defense forces vehicles, Japanese only)
JAXA (Japanese space agency craft)
ISAS JAXA (paper planets)
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (wallpapers and paper globes)
JAL (airplanes, Japanese only)
ANA (airplanes, Japanese only)
Cafeteria (focus on anime girls)
Kirin (children's projects, Japanese only)
Avery Maxell (children's projects)
Canon (many kinds of projects)
Brother (children's projects)
Epson (race car series, with pit girls)
Konica Minolta
Mochizuki Printing (children's projects, English instructions)
City of Kawasaki (landmarks)
City of Iwate (ramen mascots, scroll to bottom of page)
City of Yokohama (buses for kids, Japanese only)
Disney Experience (official Disney site)

Direct links for castles:

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