Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Piece Postal Stamps and JNTO Anime Map

Back on March 23, the Japan Post Office issued #15 in their "Heroes of Anime" series of postal stamps. I picked up a sheet of ten 80-yen stamps for 800 yen at the time, but since I didn't have a scanner, and the photo I took didn't come out right because of the glossy plastic packaging, I'm running this entry now. Of course, #15 sold out long ago.


(Image from the Asahi website, for review purposes only.)

I'm adding the following because it just showed up in the Asahi paper this morning. The Japan National Tourism Organization finally released their anime map online. Granted it's not the sites and galleries brochure that they've been producing on paper for a few years, but it's a start. The online version is a 2-sided sheet describing some of the various subcultures (anime, manga, shrine touring, maid cafes) with mentions of various cities that have examples of these subcultures. Free to download.


Figures. Right after uploading this post, I encountered something else I want to add. Nerima City is home to many of the anime studios in Tokyo, and the city council calls it, "Nerima, Anime City". Their website now has a very nice, really slick set of 5 walking tour videos of the area. Definitely worth watching even if you don't plan on coming here soon.

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