Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small adventures #19

Yesterday had started out pretty well. I'd gotten a relatively good amount of sleep (7 hours compared to the 5 two days earlier), ate breakfast and started backing up my older blog posts. I've decided to copy my blog entries in case the server goes down again, and it's been taking 2 hours to grab and reformat 1 month's worth of posts in Word to create a kind of photo album book. I've been doing this for the last few days and by noon I'd gotten up to Oct., 2010. A little after noon I had to take a break to do some food shopping, which also went well since I'd just found a new grocery store 6 blocks from the apartment that's cheap and has lots of food that other stores don't have (like granulated sugar). I returned to the apartment and dropped off the shopping.

From this point, I had clear plans. Someone had contacted me to set up a preliminary test English lesson for 6:30 PM, so I wanted to go to the train station Kinokuniya to check for studybooks to recommend and to possibly buy some manga for myself. I also wanted to go to a different store for some french toast pieces soaked in brown sugar syrup for a snack. After giving the test lesson I'd try hitting Book Off to check for some used manga I want, and then return home and do more on backing up the blog entries (possibly to finish off Dec., 2010).

At Kinokuniya there where very few English studybooks and all of them were 90% in Japanese, so nothing to recommend. None of the new manga magazines had any freebies I wanted, so I passed on buying anything. At the grocery store, the french toast pieces were dry and tasteless, but still high in sugar. At the apartment, the sugar rush burned off and I got REALLY tired, but I could still back up a couple of weeks of blog entries in the meantime. At 6:15, I rushed through changing clothes and went out to take the elevator to the street only to find that a maintenance guy had torn the elevator apart. Running down the 9 flights of stairs I made my way to the agreed upon meeting place. I arrived a few minutes early. 10 minutes later, still no student. I checked my cell phone and there was a missed call message. I call back and the student starts apologizing about having been given sudden overtime work and the trial lesson has to be canceled. I get back to the apartment and climb the 9 flights of stairs back up - at the top the the maintenance guy is preparing to turn the elevator back on (if I'd come back 5 minutes later the elevator would have been running again). The sugar crash wipes me out and I have to take a nap. At 8, I have dinner, then try working on the blog again but now mediafire has crashed and NONE of my photos on any of the blog entries are loading. And when I start thinking about hitting Book Off before it closes for the night, it starts raining hard outside.

All that's left is to complain about all this in a blog entry, and to go to sleep early. And the day started out so well, too...

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