Friday, June 10, 2011

Tezuka Award winners

Lately, I've been wondering what had happened to the anime and manga news coverage in the English Japanese newspapers. The Japan Times never really seemed to like running anime news, but even the occasional stories had dropped to almost nothing following the Mar. 11 quake. The Daily Yomiuri was much more active about anime-related stories, and even had a media expert on-staff to write for it. But the Yomiuri on-line stories also disappeared. Out of desperation I decided to finally try checking out the Asahi Cool News section and found out there were 20 new stories for the last month. Yippee! (The paper version of the Asahi is mostly just reprinted stories from western news sources like the Herald and the Washington Post.)

Curiously, one of the really big sections in Cool News was that of the winners of the 15th semi-annual Tezuka Osamu Awards, which have been handed out since 1971, held on May 27 and announced in the paper on June 2. There was no mention of these winners in either of the other two online newspaper sites, indicating just how much interest for anime and manga has dropped off at their editorial departments. Sad. Then again, maybe not too surprising given that Asahi was the one hosting the awards.

Below are the links to the Asahi Cool News stories for the award winners.

Surreal plight of salaryman draws laughter
'Fullmetal Alchemist' asks what constitutes life
Time-traveling doctor saves lives in old Edo
Duo share special prize for joint effort
History-themed manga split top award

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