Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anpanman bus

You may have noticed that several of the last blog entries were kind of weak compared to my recent spate (i.e. - the nerd jokes). The reason is that I've finally caught up on all of the Kagoshima travel photos, and still had several really old entries sitting around waiting to be used. The backpack keitai straps photo was taken over 6 months ago, and "Embarrassing Way to Go" was written in March. I just wanted to clean out the last of the backlog before writing up the newest entries. Also, I haven't been going outside quite as much lately because it's gotten really hot and muggy, and there's not as much new left to see within easy walking distance. So, I'm finally going to go back to single-themed posts with just 1-4 photos per days. I apologize to anyone that's gotten used to my monster 20-photo entries of the last 3 months. And to those of you that hated the monster posts, "welcome back".

Officially authorized Anpanman school bus.
The above notice describes an event for children where food will be provided. The below one talks about a "minori club" to run in July and August.

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