Sunday, July 31, 2011

Commentary: Big Comic Superior

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Big Comic Superior is a biweekly (every other Friday) (300 yen, 365 pages) aimed at an older audience, with stories ranging all over the place, including soccer, baseball, office politics, ninja fantasy, police procedurals, horror and street criminals. Half of the stories have relatively well-drawn art but the characters look really stiff and posed. There's nothing in here that I would buy the magazine regularly for, but a couple of titles are kind of fun.

Some of the artists here are easily recognizable, including:
Buronson and Ryouichi Ikegami (Heat and Sanctuary) with Lord
Masaya Tokuhiro (Jungle King Tar-chan) with Teishu Genki de Inu ga Ii
Hidenori Hara (Train Man) with Oh-sama no Hometown (King's Hometown).


Lord is a fairly brutal, graphic retelling of the Three Kingdoms story. Inu is a very raunchy gag series with a dog and a woman working as detectives. Hometown has a very strong Monkey Punch vibe, and features a hapless woman trying to manage a baseball team (at the moment).

Other titles that may be familiar to western fans are:
Moonlight Mile

(King's Hometown)

Of all of the titles, I think I like Hometown best, solely because of the Monkey Punch-like characters and gag setups. Yuurei Tou (幽麗塔) (the cover manga) has promise, but I haven't decided if I like the main characters.


Follow-up on last week's mention of Young Gangan. I'd shown a page of "The Arms Peddler", saying that it had the single best panel in the issue. Suddenly, this weekend, Manga Fox started carrying scanilations of it. Turns out the art is by a Korean artist. Go figure. (The writing is by the creator of "Jesus" and "Yami no Aegis", so there's at least some "manga" involved in it, anyway.)

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