Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just GIMPing along

While I was working on some photo touch-up for the blog, I started feeling a little frustrated with the way GIMP was changing the chroma values of the images if I cranked the saturation or contrast settings too far either way from the original values of the image. As a result I began messing with some of the other built-in effects (embossing, curves, etc.) The "Animation" option caught my eye and I played with that as well. There's not much to work with for the standard plug-ins, and things like waves are only useful for very limited applications. But the globe option turns out pretty well, as long as you're careful to pick starting pictures that don't leave seams where the left and right edges of the image join. The sprinkler panel almost looks like a UFO, and the building exhaust lines come out absolutely perfectly - no seam at all.

Original sprinkler panel.

Original exhaust vents.


Rotating vents.

Waves in water. Actually, this was a photo of the Kotsuki river, which already had some ripples in it. The animation looks a little fake to me, but it does seem like the river is boiling, like something's about to come up out of it. Unlike with the globes, where the resulting animation gif comes out under 100K even with 10 frames, the waves gif is huge, between 500K and 1M for only 6 frames, depending on the original image size.

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