Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kagoshima Travel event #2

A couple of weeks ago, Japan Rail (JR) had a promotional campaign in front of the Kagoshima-chuo station to highlight trips to Osaka, Hyogo and other tourist destinations. This weekend, they did it again, but with different mascots and spotlight cities. They still had the local produce and souvenirs booths, but this time they were moved in with the booths with the advertising posters.

There was also a little more emphasis on manga-driven ads. Such as with Meitantei Conan above, and Mekuri Mekuru (which hasn't gained all that much popularity with western fans yet, but seems to be about a nostalgic travel destination. Kind of an obvious tie-in.)

Some of the mascots.

And a fan(?)

The one on the right is Momotchi. "Momo" means "peach", and that's what's in the background for the button below. Notice that her dress has a tiger pattern, which traditionally indicates that she's a demon, explaining her fangs and the horn on top of her head. According to the wiki entry, Okayama grows white peaches in the mountainous northern area of the city.

The one with the yellow hair and orange vest on the left is Uratchi. Not sure what his tie-in to Okayama is. The banner on the woman on the right says "friends".

The one play zone for children was the bouncing balloon in the shape of the bullet train.

There weren't that many freebies this time. Just this pin with Momotchi and Uratchi, a fan with Conan characters on it, some Conan stickers, and a package of tissues. Because it's so hot and humid now, the fan is actually a very popular item.

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Taro 3Yen.com said...

I was delighted to stumble across your photo of an inflatable Shinkansen.

As an aficionado of naughty inflatables, just had to steal and repost without permission your photo of the "bullet train vagina."
As a fellow survivor of Hitachi technical manuals and recovering rewriter from the Shin-Kawasaki and Totsuka offices I hope you can cut me some slack about my theft and "re-purposing" of your photo.