Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nanchate, Kitkat

Cheerio.jp, makers of Lifegaurd softdrink, also have a joke brand called "Nanchatte" (lit. "Just kidding!"). One of their previous sodas was a parody of a hot sauce bottle. This time, it's soy sauce. The text at the bottom says "Do not drink (real) soy sauce". On the back, in smaller text, it says "Unlike with Nanchatte Cola, do not drink plain (real) soy sauce as if it were juice". Elsewhere, it says "contains 0.3% soy beans". The taste is similar to western colas, but there is kind of a salty element evocative of soy sauce that may be offputting if you don't know what it is that you're drinking.

Zunda Fuumi Kitkats
"Fuumi" is "taste" or "flavor". Zunda is a sweet paste made by mashing up edamame beans, which is a popular snack in Miyage prefecture. So, this time around we have edamame-flavored Kitkats. Actually, this seems to be a re-issue of a flavor released in 2008 but with different packaging. It's kind of like eating snow peas, but as with any specialty Kitkat, the artificial sweeteners overpower the other flavors. At least this one isn't waxy, and it is rather crunchy. Not worth eating more than once, though. Note, though that the back of the box has a "to" and "from" space for gifting purposes.

Another of the Pepsi/Snoopy Gourmet World cell phone straps. This is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to a full tin of caviar.

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