Wednesday, July 27, 2011

O-gion-sa 2011

O-Gion-sa is a festival in Kagoshima, Japan. This year's was on July 24th. It's characterized by groups of men, women or children carrying portable shrines. This type of activity is common throughout Japan at this time of year. It's just that each region has its own spin on the traditions. O-Gion-san features a large shrine weighing a couple hundred pounds, not including the two men standing on it, and it is hand-carried by the porters. The men wear fundoshi, a traditional kind of loincloth similar to that worn by sumo wrestlers.

Tram Douri was closed off all the way to the end of Tenmonkan, with crowds standing on the streetcar rails. This meant that either you had to drive in really early to get a parking space and then leave late, or park a few blocks away and walk in. I'd estimate 200 people in my immediate area near the end of the route at the Aimu Building.

Youtube video 1

Youtube video 2

Naturally, mediafire continues to screw up and not display some of the photos.

(Back of the Aimu building staging area for the main shrine.)

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