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Summary: Geobreeders OAVs

Geobreeders was one of the earliest attempts at creating a "multi-media franchise", with different, but related, parts of the story being told in more than one media. While the majority of the story was in the manga by Itou, there was one side-story (Atomic Attack) and two OAV series. Atomic Attack describes how Vashuka went to Russia to get a nuke, and flows into the first OAV. "File.X - Rescue the Kitten", (AKA: "Get Back the Kitty" in the U.S. version) was in 3 parts and includes part of the story regarding the attempted recovery of the nuke. The 4-part "File.XX - Breakthrough" OAV acted as kind of a sequel, introducing the female gunslinger "Blue Shooting Star", Maki's rival for "fastest gun" in the underworld. "Blue Shooting Star" reappears in the manga in volumes 8 and 9. Both File.X and File.XX are part of the Geobreeders "canon". File.X fits roughly between volumes 5 and 6 of the manga, while File.XX is a little less fundamental to the plotline and can only be said to take place sometime between volumes 5 and 8.

The below summaries are courtesy of "James". Thanks, James!
File.X - Get Back the Kitty

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At first, the Kagura crew charged into the occupied nuclear power plant (as described at the end of Atomic Attack), and were blasted out of the place by the tank stolen by the Cats. Later, Taba and Takami went to a department store to take care of a were-cat (the rest of the crew stayed in since it was raining). They ran into Hound and eventually sealed the were-cat.

However, once returning to Kagura's office, they discovered several talisman are missing. In order to prevent the Ministry of Welfare from putting pressure on Kagura, Taba was ordered to retrieve the missing tags or else his salary will be permanently suspended (while Takami bawled). While Taba is away, a couple of delivery people show up, who turn out to be Navy SEALs in disguise and blast away in Kagura's office. One of the SEALs then produced the missing tags and kidnapped Maya.

Meanwhile, Taba went back to the department store and ran into Narusawa (they still don't know each others name yet). Narusawa then showed several surveillance video pictures from the department store with three men dressed in military outfits. The same three men are also seen on the deck of a stranded Russian cargo ship just outside of Ayagane harbor. Taba was happy with the information and left, turns out Narusawa was ordered by Capt. Yashima to release the information to Kagura since his hands are tied. There's someone behind the scene preventing the JMSDF as well as the Maritime Safety Agency from investigating the Russian cargo ship.

When Taba finally went back to the office, he discovered Maya missing. He had no choice but to hire Kagura to get Maya back. Meanwhile, Maya was interrogated by Descartes (talking without a voice box). Descartes wants Maya to give him the date of arrival for "Nicholai". Maya refused to answer by turning into cat form, Descartes then tortured her by putting her in a pot of water...(wtf??) Maya tried to escape several times, but the place was well sealed and her attempt to send out a call for help through the computer was interrupted by their firewall.

Taba, Rando and Yuka boarded the Russian cargo ship. They found bullet holes on board which indicated that the ship was attacked. Then, rather than finding Maya, they encountered a large number of hostile were-cats who chased them around on the deck. Maki then showed up on a boat with her modified anti-tank rifle (now a machine gun) and gunned down were-cats here and there. Rando found explosives all over the ship; when she was trying to disarm the bombs, one of Maki's stray rounds destroyed her computer. Everyone abandoned ship and the ship was destroyed. As the client for the case, Taba must be responsible for all property damage per Kagura's standard contract (poor man...)

Just when they thought they lost all trace of Maya at their temporary office (at the family restaurant Akie's), Takami received an e-mail from Maya which included information about another cargo ship coming into Ayagane. Narusawa was seen outside of the restaurant watching them on a monitor.

When Kagura charged in to attack the cargo ship, Hound showed up and detained them. Narusawa was among the Hounds and she showed an apologetic gesture to Taba while the rest of the Kagura ladies get jealous. Since Hound's mandate states that they cannot take action unless they can confirm the presence of the were-cats, Yashima's chopper flew in low to try to get the were-cats to open fire on him. The were-cats kept their cool until the Kagura crew broke free and charged their ship. The were-cats open fired on Kagura and the Hounds, and Hound was ordered to take action.

Taba, Yuka, Maki and Yu boarded the ship. However, the US military showed up and attacked the cargo ship. Three Harriers then proceeded to strafe the bridge. One of the Harriers got too close and was taken over by one of the were-cats who ejected the pilot and then shot the other two Harriers down, causing a lot of damage for the Hound fleet as well. Yashima destroyed the fighter and sealed the were-cat. Taba and Yuka found a Russian SS-25 ICBM launch vehicle on board, which they assumed was what everyone was looking for. After learning this fact, Rando negotiated a contract with Hound to work together and take down the ship.

Despite everyone's best effort and lots of action, the ship still ran right into Ayagane harbor. The leader of the were-cats drove the launcher vehicle into the city. Kagura hijacked a taxi (who turned out to be the same cab driver from Vol. 2 and Vol. 15) and tried to stop the vehicle. When escape seemed impossible, the were-cat decided to launch the missile and take Ayagane, Kagura and the Hounds with him.

Capt. Yashima crashed his chopper into the missile to stop it, which did not detonate. Turned out there was no warhead on the missile, and all the cats on-board were just decoys. Kuro Neko showed up at Descartes's HQ and rescued Maya, (Descartes was seen lying on the floor; the next time he shows up in Vol. 7, he is talking with a voice box).

The Kagura crew returned to work along with Maya. In order to pay his fee for the contract, Taba had to work part time at Akie's too. After the ending credits, a crappy van was shown with a bunch of were-cats and a package with a radiation warning symbol on it.

The story then continues in Vol. 6.

File.XX - Breakthrough

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OVA File XX doesn't really connect with the manga - it was completely a side story, but it is the first time we see Blue Shooting Star (who tries several times to take out Crimson Shooting Star Maki so she can claim the title of Shooting Star). Kagura's office was destroyed again so they desperately seek work but was lost on the way. Some renegade were-cats tried to do sometime (I'm not entirely sure what they are doing...) but Hound interfered, while the lost Kagura guys do battle with the renegade were-cats too. This is also the first time the new TAC optical weapons are used by Hound.


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Hello sir, its been a while since I read your geobreeders post :D

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They say Itou attempt to start part 3 of GB (part 1 & 2 was our well known volume 1 to 16), but sadly he's sick and cant continue write anymore after few chapters. But this excite me, that's mean Geobreeders story will continue! I hope he got well soon and able to do the rest of story.

But you know, wikipedia sometimes have an article that unconfirmed about the truth ... so if I can ask something from you to confirm about the state of that news.

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Hi. Long time no see.
I have confirmed the 3 chapters for part 3 of the series, which came out between July and Sept. of 2009 before Itou became ill. You can see my translations of them at:

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Feeling somewhat nostalgic and took out the DVD and the manga... XD

It wasn't until I re-watched and re-read everything in order when I noticed little things that showed up here and

TSOTE said...

That's the best part of a series like Geobreeders - there are a lot of little things in the background or the story that you can discover with re-reading/re-watching. Glad you're enjoying the series.

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