Saturday, July 9, 2011


I sent an email to mediafire asking about the missing pictures. I got their reply this morning, saying that when some of their servers are undergoing maintenance that the image previews become unavailable. However, by clicking on the preview you can go see the image itself with no problems. Right after, I found out that the previews are working again. Go figure.


(The river on a normal day.)

During the first half of June, Kagoshima got a LOT of rain. This is usually the time for tsuyu (rainy season) anyway, but in Tokyo that means something like 4 weeks of nonstop drizzle. Down here, we were getting major thunderstorms almost every night, and light rain every morning. Occasionally there'd be a break in the rain during the afternoon, but it would only last for 1-2 hours. Once in a while the winds would be so strong that the storm would be blown out for a day, before coming back again. One day, I had to go to Tecc.Land for shopping during one of the lulls after a particularly strong storm.

The water level is at least 12, if not 18 inches higher now.

(You can see the Tech.Land building at the top center-left of the photo. It's the white building with a red diamond-like mark in the middle.)

Maintenance worker checking for threats to the drainage system. Behind him were another 5-6 guys in jumpsuits standing around and killing time.

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