Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Umbrella Keychain

Another of the "only in Japan" moments. It rains in Kagoshima pretty heavily between May and June, much harder than the simple 2-week non-stop drizzling common in Toko during rainy season. And in the Tenmonkan shopping district, officials have compensated for the fact that the roads aren't covered by placing boxes of umbrellas next to the streetlights at the intersections. People that didn't bring their own umbrella can grab one from the box, cross the street protected, and then return it to the box on the other side. The umbrellas are an ugly green easily identifying them as belonging to the shopping center. The non-regulation umbrellas are the ones that people simply discarded when it stopped raining. In the U.S., people would just grab them.

I've been going to the "English Lunch hour" at the International Exchange center on Fridays for several weeks now, and I've been giving the participants there my Celes origami projects to get them off my shelves. The woman that received the Red-Bud Celes decided to give me a Kagoshima keychain as thanks.

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