Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roots Wacky Racers

The JT Roots line of can coffee really seems to like its tie-ins to Lupin III. This time, we've got 3 different designs of 6 characters each, depending on whether you get Aroma Black (original), Revolut or Aroma Black (silky smooth). Each character has its own vehicle, which interestingly enough had actually appeared in one of the original TV episodes. 125 to 149 yen per can of coffee depending on which conbini you get it from.

The little leaflet that comes with the figure states that with 5 leaflets and 3000 yen ($36 USD) you can obtain a special edition Lupin Roots figure (which is shown at the jtaroma website). The one I got is Fujiko on her motorcycle from 2ndTVVer. It's a simple pullback-type toy with a spring that launches the bike across the table.

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