Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shonen Champion, part 2

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Now, for Monthly Shonen Champion (540 yen, 640 pages). Actually, wikipedia doesn't have a separate page for Monthly, and a number of Monthly titles are included in the Weekly wiki listing (i.e. - "Worst"). I'm not really sure I can say that Monthly is aimed at an older audience, especially since there's an overlap in some of the themes, but there are some titles that are more overtly sexual in nature (such as the S&M in "Kimi Iro Focus"). However, the majority of the titles are either about street fighting, or high school girls. Most of the characters in the street fighting stories are drawn as older adults, which younger readers probably don't care for.


Most of the titles are well-drawn, but tend to the cartoony, or caricature side. As a street fighting story, Hiroshi Shinagawa's Drop is pretty funny (the gangs take a break to share some Christmas cake and play video games together), but still really bloody.

The one title that western readers may recognize:

The one title that seems promising just based on the name:

"Rocka Feller Skank" (weird punk band)

While there's no manga that I normally read, Monthly does has a specific appeal to me - the freebie this month is a pretty high-quality bottle cooler. It looks Mylar-lined inside, and is designed for regular-sized soda bottles. It doesn't look like it would fall apart quickly, and I like the artwork. Not a bad deal. Still no interest in getting the magazine all the time, though.

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