Sunday, September 18, 2011

Commentary: Big Comic Original

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According to the wiki entry, Big Comic Original is the sister magazine to Big Comic, alternating with it every other week. BCO can be identified by the humorous, cute images of animals on the cover. There are no freebies or fold out posters. Just 340 pages of manga for 290 yen.

BCO is aimed at older men, and the titles include office life, sports (golf, fishing, mountain hiking and baseball), Edo-era dramas and cooking. The most easily-recognized past manga would be that from Naoki Urasawa, including "Master Keaton", "Monster", "Pineapple Army" and "Pluto".

(Gaku: Minna no Yama ("Peak: Everyone's Mountain")

Big name artists that currently appear in BCO are:
Shinji Mizushima (Dokaben) with Abu-san (baseball)
Kenshi Hirokane (President Kosaku Shima) with "Like Shooting Stars in the Twilight" (art, daily life)
George Akiyama (various) with Haguregumo (Edo-era comedy)
Kenichi Kitami with Tsuri baka nisshi (AKA: Fishing Fool's Diary)

(Hiyokko Ryourinin ("Chef Hiyokko"))

I doubt that western fans would be all that familiar with any of the titles in BCO right now. I haven't noticed any of them being scanilated on Manga Fox. The artwork for most of them is below average, with maybe "Kaze no Daichi" (golf) and "Haguregumo" being at all well-drawn. Until Urasawa comes back with a new story, I won't be buying Big Comic Original in the future.

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