Sunday, September 4, 2011

Commentary: Weekly Big Comic Spirits

Along with "Young" and "Shonen", another popular word for boy's/men's manga magazines is "Big". There's Big Comic, Big Comic Spirits, Big Comic Original and Big Comic Superior. The wiki entry also lists Big Comic Pockets and Big Comic for Lady but I don't think I've ever seen either of those two. I've already covered Comic and Superior so it's time to get the other two out of the way.

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Big Comic Spirits is a weekly. The current issue is about 390 pages for 320 yen. The magazine is typified by having a young woman on the cover, and several pages of bikini shots at the front and back. This particular issue has a fold out poster of the cover girl, Aki Takajo. There's also a drawing for 50 phone cards with her picture on it.

Spirits is a typical seinen publication, with a range of titles that include horror, fantasy, yakuza, school girls, zombie hunting and sex romps. The more "adult" material isn't overly graphic, but as with "Ecce S", there is some simulated sex. The rest of it is left at the innuendo level. The most common genre this time is sports, with two baseball and two soccer stories. One sports title, "Kick the Girl" appears to concern a wimpy girl that is interested in taking up kickboxing. One of the more hardcore titles, "Homunculus", just ended. Some of the other past titles to appear in Spirits include Oishinbo, Crying Freeman and Gallery Fake.

(Special Police)

Titles running now that western readers maybe familiar with are:

Birdy the Mighty

(Last Inning)

For the most part, the artwork is just average. "Security Police" (police action), "I am a Hero" (zombie hunting) and "Birdy the Mighty" are the ones that stand out the most. The rest of the titles are pretty ignorable. Having said that, though, there's nothing here I have any interest in reading further.

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