Friday, September 23, 2011

Kagoshima Rubber Stamps

It's been a while since I last wrote about collecting rubber stamps. I may have mentioned the one above, but I'm too lazy to go back and check, and doing a file search on mediafire didn't turn it up as a previous upload. Anyway, the above stamps came from the Kareigawa train station, just north of the Kirishima airport, when I was there in April.

The Kagoshima Natural Science Museum, just to the north of Central Park. Most of the stamps here came from places described in the Galleries and Museums post.

More from the Natural Science Museum, plus the prefectural library a bit father east, and the Meiji Restoration History Museum along the Kotsuki river south of the Kagoshima-chuo train station.

The Kagoshima Art Museum, between the natural science museum and the library.

Houzan Hall, at the east end of Central Park.

And the Olmec exhibit stamps at the Reimeikan. Actually, the Olmec exhibit was pretty impressive, although I haven't written anything on it so far. Running from July 29 to Sept. 3, it cost 1500 yen ($18 USD) for adults and you can't use any of the standard discounts for it. For the most part, it's an interconnected series of rooms with lots of explanatory text and a variety of examples of the Olmec civilization, from pottery, jewelry and weapons to building construction and culture. The centerpieces of the exhibit are a big stone head carving, and charcoal rubbings of stone pillar engravings. There's some silliness as well, such as being able to have your photo taken with a foam rubber Olmec head on, and getting an Olmec astrology reading off a computer. I think the best part for me was the Mexican goods stall set up in front of the exhibit entrance. I bought a large jar of pickled jalapeno peppers for 500 yen, and now I can have actually spicy food when I want it. Very nice.

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