Sunday, September 25, 2011

September edition of the "related articles in the media"


For those of you who like Ishikawa's (Moyashimon) Chaste Maria, volume 2 is coming out on Oct. 7. The regular manga will be 570 yen, and the special collector's picture volume will be 1500 yen.

Personally, I like Akihiro Itoh (Geobreeders). I'v been adding to the Itoh database, putting in pages for Lawman, Take the B Studio Complete, and Wilderness. You can get to them from the About Itoh page.

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from September, regarding anime, manga and related stuff. Again, the Japan Times seems to have discarded their manga reporter, and the Daily Yomiuri has only a fraction of the stories they used to carry. All of the slack is being taken up by the Asahi, which is averaging close to a story a day. The Metropolis has become a complete waste of ink, and even in the rare case where they carry something anime-related, it's not worth noticing (bleh).

Generic New News

Japan Times

Izumi Matsumoto interview (Kimagure Orange Road)

Museum celebrates life of Doraemon creator

Daily Yomiuri

Distinctive anime genre has something for everyone

Otaku love: An alternative route to improved Japan-China relations?

Remote hobby museum offers visitors close encounters with fabled figures

Manga museums preserve precious cultural tradition

Doraemon Museum Review


Puffy to guest star on "Usagi Drop" anime on Sept. 1

Digital Content Expo to be held in October

Big names sign on for 'Un-Go' anime series

Okiura's 'A Letter to Momo' to premiere at Toronto film fest

Amusement park to host Evangelion escape game

May'n to sing 'Phi Brain' theme tune

Live concerts featuring Hatsune Miku to be released in November

Nadeshiko Japan captain stars in new manga novel

XEBEC to produce 'Flower Declaration of Your Heart'

Japan Expo sets up website to honor late anime master Satoshi Kon

Bandai opens website for anime character-themed confectionery

Kadokawa's new 'Primero' manga label targets female readers

Fukushima plant was scary 32 years ago, says manga author

Upstart Anime Bunko label to release initial 3 titles

Second of two-volume "Evangelion" illustration collection due out in October

3rd 'Evangelion' reboot to hit cinemas in fall 2012

All episodes of 'Madoka Magica' now available on conventional and Android phones

DeAgostini to release weekly 'Gundam Perfect File' pictorial magazine

Help is at hand for those who are new to Akihabara

Live adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club to hit cinemas next spring

Idols, anime to promote Japanese manufacturers in Asia

Kyoto tram features K-ON images

'Future Boy Conan' to be released on Blu-ray in November

Kyoto manga museum features German comics

Three main voice cast members of 2012 'Berserk' feature film revealed

Exhibition highlights Oscar-winning creator Kunio Kato

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