Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UCC RUF Collection

It keeps amazing me that can coffee can have some really nice freebies attached, but absolutely no web presence for them. I mean, if you have something like the RUF collection, with 8 scale model versions of top end sports cars, why on earth would you not support the toys with a page on your regular website hyping the real thing and prompting customers to buy more expensive toys, posters or DVDs? The UCC Black Platinum Aroma coffee is a case in point. The little leaflet that comes with the toy only has a toll-free number, no URL or mobile barcode. Few people I know want to call a phone number to speak with someone to get free stuff, and I can't handle talking over the phone in Japanese myself. And, the UCC website has no mention of the toy cars or that it's part of a campaign for this coffee brand. The coffee is 148 yen, and doesn't taste like anything special, so you gotta figure that people are buying it for the car.

The car is good - a "Porsche 911 base super car", with a pullback spring that can send it rolling 3-4 feet. Great toy for the kids. Looks, though, like this line might be a reissue of something that came out at least as early as a year ago.

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