Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ultraman 45th Anniversary coffee

The Ultraman TV series is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. As part of the merchandising, Boss coffee is offering two types of toys. The first one comes with a single can of Select coffee at 120 yen ($1.50 USD), the standard price for a 6 oz. can coffee in convenience stores. There are actually two kinds of vehicles here - the plain pull-back spring-wound cars, and the magnetic type for rolling around the sides of the steel cans. The second one comes with the two-can package for 240 yen, and is either a larger figure of Ultraman flying, or the Ultra convertible pull-back. I got the Jet Beetle magnet. Hours of fun for the whole family. 10 single-can, and 5 double-can, toys in all.

As seems to be the case for most can coffee toys, there's no website for the promotion. The only link with the foldout brochure is for the current Ultraman Densetsu (Ultraman Legend) TV show.

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