Friday, October 14, 2011

Additional Kagoshima Stamp Rally photos

In the write-up of the Kagaoshima stamp rally, I decided to include only one photo per location just to keep the blog entry manageable. Here are the remaining photos I took. Again, the weather was bad when I went to the Nakamura museum, and I wasn't able to leave the station at Kiire without having to buy another train ticket, so I don't have photos of those locations.

The statue in the park at the top of the hill behind the Senior Citizen's Center in Yoshino. Notice the fox tail on the one pretending to be the samurai's father.

Details at the roof of Hanao Shrine.

Kagoshima Kenkou no Mori Koen (Kenkou Forest Park). The building houses the showers, lockers and badminton courts of the sports center.

(Looking out over Kagoshima from the edge of the hill just past the main building.)

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