Monday, October 31, 2011

Kotsuki heron

The Kotsuki river runs a couple of blocks from my apartment, and I have to cross over it to get to the main train station, or if I'm going to Taiyo or Tecc.Land. In fact, I walk along it for about a kilometer on the way to Tecc.Land, where I can get things like toilet and tissue paper for 20-40% cheaper than at the supermarkets. I always check the river for birds when I go. There's a small family of ducks that like to rest on one of the sandbars (they're very aggressive and will attack if they sense you have vanilla wafer cookies on your person), and several herons that fish along the banks. The ducks are easy to photograph, but the herons are incredibly skittish and will fly away if they see you looking at them or pointing a camera in their direction. If they do stay still long enough to get a picture, they're usually too far away for me to get a good shot.

This is the ONLY picture of any of the herons on the Kotsuki to come out at all well, to date.

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