Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small adventures #21

The problem with living in Japan is that everything is really expensive. When living in a small apartment in Japan, you're looking at appliances that you have to pay lots of money to have them hauled away if they stop working and there's no convenient backyard for simply tossing them into the bushes. Which goes a long way towards explaining why rental companies are so popular. When we moved to the new apartment, the rental appliance store assured us that we'd be getting all new appliances and that they'd look really nice. You can probably guess that that's not what actually happened. The fridge in particular was dirty and dinged up. But, we were in a hurry to move in and we decided to not complain. About 3 months later, we started noticing that food wasn't staying as cold as before. A few days after, ice cream placed in the freezer section was turning to soup. I looked inside the fridge and discovered that there's no thermostat at all. We looked in the online user manual and it stated very clearly that this was a "self-regulating refrigerator" that had a factory-preset for the "ideal temperature conditions". Meaning, we were out of luck and the unit was dying on us.

The next day, we called up the rental place and they sent a repair man who helpfully agreed with us that the fridge was indeed broken and there was nothing he could do about it. The day after that another repairman arrived carrying a replacement unit that was even more dinged up and dirty than the first one, but it at least still worked. Now, our ice cream doesn't turn to soup anymore, and the milk isn't threatening to spoil overnight in the humid conditions here. But, there's still no thermostat inside the unit, and we're debating when to just go out and buy something outright for twice what it would be in the States.

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