Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taniyama Shrine

Next door to the Jigenji Park in the valley, is the Taniyama shrine at the top of a steep hill. Do not try climbing the two sets of stairs starting from the bottom of the valley if you have a weak heart.

From the historical marker:
"Taniyama Shrine
The Imperial Prince, Kanenaka, was deified at this shrine built in 1928. The deity, Prince Kanenaka, was the 9th son of Emperor Godaigo. During the prince's conquest to conquer Kyushu, he established the first garrison at Gokashogahara next to the Taniyama Castle of Taniyama Takanobu, and he remained here for six years before leaving for Kumamoto."

(Inside of the shrine.)

(Around to the side looking at the back. If you look into the shrine above, you'll see that there's an interior corridor that runs to the rear courtyard here. The shrine is actually much larger than it looks from the front. Much more run-down, too.)

(Looking towards the entrance from the shrine.)

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