Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Sympathies!

A long time ago, back in the 80's, there was a publisher of intellectual materials that had a catalog that would be mailed out to customers that had on one page a list of famous writers and classical musicians that had been born or died in that month. I no longer remember the name of the publisher, and I was never on their mailing list, I just saw the catalog occasionally at a friend's house. But every so often I think about it, and the names of the people that I consider interesting that would show up in each issue.

I'm just starting to put together a list of names that I want to have included in my database, so it's still woefully incomplete. The emphasis so far is on early film comedians with some actors, and more modern musicians thrown in. If you can think of names to add (I really want more scientists like Pascal and Volte, and classical artists like Rembrandt, plus, of course, any manga artists), feel free to put them in a comment. If I like them, I'll gladly use them.

I'm not going to print the names every day. Maybe once a week, or at the beginning of the month. Depends on how much work this turns out to be. Anyway...

Happy Birthday to:
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam, born 11/22/1940
Harpo Marx, born 11/23/1888
Boris Karloff, born 11/23/1887

Sympathies to:
Carl Stalling (music director for most Loony Toons), died 11/29/1972
Bill Scott (voice for Bullwinkle), died 11/29/1985
Godfrey Cambridge, died 11/29/1976
Leonard Barr (look him up), died 11/22/1980

Belated Happy Birthday to:
Bram Stoker, born 11/8/1847
Daws Butler (voice actor), born 11/16/1916

Belated Symaphies to:
Dwight Frye (Dracula's Renfield), died 11/7/1943
Jack Palance, died 11/10/2006
James Coburn, died 11/18/2002

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