Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Organic Fest

(Note that for some reason mediafire is blocking me out from uploading any more photos to them. I'm looking for another free hosting service. In the meantime I'm experimenting with Picassa again.)

The 2011 Kagoshima Organic Festival took place on Nov. 6th along the pier front next to Dolphin Port. The 5th was a sister event, a lantern memorial for the people affected by the March 11 earthquake, and the reading of a report detailing the effects of the Fukushima reactor meltdown. The PA system for the reading and the music afterward was powered by volunteers pedaling a mama chari bicycle to the left of the stage. I got talked into getting on the bike for a few minutes, and the generator put virtually no load on the back tire at all. A far cry from the gear crunchers that used to power the 3V headlight on my old bike when I was a kid.

The Organic fest essentially acted as a farmer's market for various companies and producers on several of the islands within a few hour's boat ride from Kagoshima. The pier front was divided into three sections - a handmade goods market, cooked food stalls, and fresh produce tables. By far the most popular stalls were for gelato and organic coffee. Others sold oden, curry, yaki tori and cookies and pastries. Several of the tables handed out free samples, most of which was very good. A stage at one end hosted amateur dance acts and pro-organic farming speakers. A couple tents were set up for people to relax and eat, while another tent sorted everyone's garbage into specific kinds of cups, plates, bowls and chopstick piles for later recycling.

(One of the food tables, I think this one is for some kind of stew.)

A children's play area included temporary swings and a bamboo climbing tower.

It had rained heavily on Saturday, and remained overcast all during the event. The weather probably didn't keep people away from the Port, but it wasn't all that crowded. Maybe 200 people while I was there. Unfortunately, the clouds did mess up the photos.

The petting zoo included some chickens, ducks, geese and a goat.

(One of the raw produce stalls.)

A small exhibit showing the steps involved in processing cane sugar. The table sold a variety of sugars, possibly from either Amami island, or Okinawa.

Across the street and up the block from Dolphin Port is the NHK TV broadcasting building, which had set up their own tables in the front driveway for overflow produce shops, and a stage for more professional musical performances. The building was opened to the public for tours, and we were encouraged to watch 3D programming on the big Blu-ray screen in the lobby.

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