Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review: Murder Princess, vol. 1

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The 2 volume Murder Princess manga was released in the U.S. by Broccoli Books, while the 6 episode anime came out through Funimation. The original manga appeared in Dengeki Daioh from 2005 to 2007. Artist Sekihiko Inui has also written Ratman, Comic Party and Gensou Shuugi (Fantasism). Because this book is available in the U.S., I'm not going to do a full review/summary of it.

(Pete and Dominikov.)

I found copies of both volumes of Murder Princess in Book Off for 100 yen each. Initially I didn't recognize it, but the name in big letters in English kept catching my eye, and the cover art was just interesting enough to justify getting it in the hopes of finding a couple of good pages to scan, The artwork is very clean, but on the verge of being static. Instead of battles, we get combat poses. That's fine for advancing the story, but there's a lack of the necessary tension and build-up for making exciting fights. The character designs are all unique and there's no chance of confusing who's who. The background art is also crisp and detailed.

(Inside front cover. The fake title is "Hell Doctor Akamashi, vol. 1". From left: Yuna, Akamashi, Ana.)

The story is fairly generic, though - Mad scientist develops two small girl robots for overthrowing the king, and as the princess runs for help, she smashes into a world-famous bounty hunter and they end up switching bodies. From here, we have the violent "fish out of water" fighter trying to keep the kingdom together. Ultimately, the villains switch from the evil but incompetent scientist, to the much more cruel and competent traitorous older brother.

(Inside back cover.)

Murder Princess isn't great literature, but it is an easy read, if you just want some fast mind candy to snack on. If you want the full story, you can probably get it used in English at Half-Price Books.
Grade: B+


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