Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tully's Stamp and Coffee campaign

One of the coffee chains here is Tully's, franchised from the company of the same name based in Seattle. When I worked in Akihabara, I liked dropping by the Tully's in the UDX building a block away from my office. They're similar to Starbuck's, but with better coffee. Same high prices, too. Unfortunately, at some point quality of the the Akihabara shop's ice coffee nosedived and I stopped going there a little over a year ago. In Kagoshima, there's a shop in Tenmonkan, right next door to Doutor. Again, the drinks and snacks are similar to each other, but Tully's is actually 20 yen cheaper for a small hot coffee (300 yen compared to 320 yen at Doutor. Still, that's $3.60 USD for an 8 ounce cup, no refills.)

Tully's has tied up with Itoen Foods to sell their canned coffees at convenience stores. Recently, they've also packaged small toy stamps with the cans to pair up with the goodies they sell at their regular stores. There are 6 stamp designs total, two each with the same body - a yellow teddy bear, a white coffee mug, and a black golf bag (I've seen the little beanie baby-style bears, and the cups are a given; I didn't see anything about the golf bag, though). I got the yellow teddy bear, with the "sitting bear" stamp, because it's probably something I can give to one of my students.

As for the quality of the coffee within the can - it's a darker roast flavor, with artficial creamer and sweetener. Not as bad as most of the cheaper can coffees, but not worth the extra 10 yen at the stores. Most can coffee is intended to sit on the shelves for months, so it's going to be pretty foul. Starbucks is just as expensive and equally bad. Essentially $1.50 to $2 for a 6 ounce serving. Better off waiting until you get home and make your own drip pot if you're drinking coffee for the flavor.


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