Sunday, December 4, 2011

Commentary: Manga Time Special

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Manga Time Special is one of several spin-offs of the Manga Time brand name (according to the wiki entry, there have been at least 9 spin-off titles), issued by the rival of Manga Town. Special, unlike the name implies, is nothing special. Again, it's primarily 4-panel gag strips. The only saving grace is that the topics of the gags changes a lot, and some of the artwork is pretty good. But, again, I only like yon-koma in small doses - an entire magazine dedicated to them seems like a waste of money to me.

(Ruri Miyahara's "Love Lab")

There are no artists here that would be recognizable to casual western fans. However, there was an ad for volume 2 of "Kanata is My Bride", by Aro Hiroshi ("Futaba-kun Change" and "Yuu and Mii"), published by Manga Time. Doesn't look like his style has changed at all since the 90's.

("Dance! Antoinette-sama", by Some Nishiura)

(Ad for "Kanata is my Bride")

Summary; Again, unless you can read Japanese and like short 4-panel gags, Manga Time Special is ignorable. 300 yen, 200 pages, monthly.

("O-ga-chan" by Tohiro Konno. The joke here is that the girl with the horns is an "oni" (demon), hence the name "ogre". In the right strip, she's cold so she puts on pajamas that make her look like a cat. However, she behaves like a dog. In the left panel, her friend is eating a meat bun. The friend offers half, but Ogre's portion is meat-free and she collapses in shock.)

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