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Commentary: Newtype Ace

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Of all the genres in manga, the one that I've never really developed a taste for (and there are a few of them I don't like, actually) is "giant robots". The idea of single-person big mecha shooting it out in space is kind of silly. The suits are ill-designed to zip around in a vacuum, and most of the design is wasted by having all of that hydraulics and gear work needed for running around on a planet's surface. It makes more sense to create two separate machines dedicated to those tasks - a tank, and a battle cruiser, and populate them with 5-20 people that can take on individual tasks.

But, that's just me.

(Tiger and Bunny 4-Koma)

As I was going through the magazines on the shelves at Kinokunya, I really wanted to get something with good freebies, and a Christmas theme. My choices seemed to be limited to one publication that included a pair of patterned boxer shorts (that wouldn't fit me), another desk clock, or something with another clear file. Hoping that January would have better options with the "New Year's gifts", I kind of closed my eyes and grabbed the one with the clear file.

(Fukusou no Ma-ku Merudo, ("Mark Meld Congestion"))

Newtype Ace is a new magazine launched last September as a team-up between Newtype and Gundam Ace. The stories all revolve around giant robots, and are placed in the Gundam, Macross and Fullmetal Panic! universes. Some of the artwork is fairly lame, and a lot of the stories are interactions between characters, rather than being battle adventures. There are a number of Yon-koma jokes, and some articles on the making of related anime.

(Border Break mecha designs.)

If you like Gundam, then you'll love this monster of a monthly magazine. Freebies included two foldout posters (one by Masamune Shirow), and the clear file. 580 yen, 700 pages.

(Poster 1)

(Shirow poster)


Dates for Dec. 11 to Dec. 18.

Birthdays (20):
Hector Berloiz, 12/11/1803
Jamie Foxx, 12/13/1967
Kenichi ("Gunsmith Cats") Sonoda, 12/13/1962
Morey ("Dick Van Dyke Show") Amsterdam, 12/14/1908
Spike Jones, 12/14/1911
David ("Bill the Galactic Hero") Bischoff, 12/15/1951
Tim Conway, 12/15/1933
John ("Keep the Giraffe Burning") Sladek, 12/15/1937
Arthur C. Clark, 12/16/1917
Philip K. Dick, 12/16/1928
Randall ("Lord Darcy") Garrett, 12/16/1927
Piet Hein, 12/16/1905
Ludwig van Beethoven, 12/17/1770
Jack L. ("Well World") Chalker, 12/17/1944
Alfred Bester, 12/18/1913
Jack. C Haldeman II, 12/18/1941
Michael Moorcock, 12/18/1939
Keith Richards, 12/18/1943
Steven Spielberg, 12/18/1946
Josepf Stalin, 12/18/1876

Died (6):
Bettie Page, 12/11/2008
Peter Boyle, 12/12/2006
Blake Edwards, 12/15/2010
Lee Van Cleef, 12/16/1989
Dorothy L. Sayers, 12/17/1957
Majel (Nurse Chapel) Barrett, 12/18/2008

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