Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dolphin Port illuminations

The second of the illuminations mentioned in the Update newsletter is at Dolphin Port, a 5-8 minute walk from City Hall. I didn't notice the number of LEDs for the display, but it may be under the 100,000 of the City Hall lights. The displays are spread out around the shopping complex, with the most eye-catching one being the Christmas tree setup at the main front entrance.

A number of the displays are animated, either with alternating strings of lights turning on and off, or small motors driving limited-motion creations. I went on a Thursday at 8 PM, when there was little foot traffic. The air temp. was probably around 45 degrees F, and much lower than the people here care for. Additionally, now is the time of the Bonnenkai parties (end of year drinking parties), and a lot of people may have been at those. Then again, Dolphin Port is just a few blocks from the Tenmonkan shopping complex, which also bleeds off a lot of the traffic that would rather go somewhere covered and with a lot more shops.

(The two smaller white figures between the snowman and the reindeer are Moomin and Miffy, which are both very popular in Japan now.)

(A panorama view of Dolphin Port shot from the edge of the bay, facing away from Sakura-jima.)

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