Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Glico One Piece Bisco

The snackfood maker, Glico, has had One Piece tie-ins before, but now they're going full-out with many of their brands covered with images of Luffy and gang. There's a good six different fronts for the Bisco biscuits, but most of the backs are the same - either a "spot the differences" 2-card sheet, or a "find the matching Chopper" 3-card set. Out of 20+ boxes, only one had the below maze on the back. With the boxes of chips and packets of cookies, there's just an image of one of the characters on the front. On the other hand, the giant Pocky boxes have playing pieces for a board game on the back, and a suggestion that there may be the board game itself inside (although, the Giant Pocky is $4 USD for 5 sticks and I haven't justified spending the money for it to find out what's inside the box.) The Bisco snacks are 150 yen (about $2) for 10 packets of little vanilla cookie sandwiches.

(The text tells you to collect all of Chopper's friends along the way to the goal.)

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