Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kadomatsu papercraft

Right after finishing the JLPT test, I wanted to tackle a Christmas-related papercraft project to use as a kind of Christmas card. Naturally, the only place I went to was the Yamaha entertainment site. The first project that caught my eye was the kadomatsu. It took about 3 hours to complete. It was only after I had it done that it occurred to me that this decoration is used more for the New Year's celebration. According to the papercraft write-up, there should be two of these, one on either side of the front entrance to ensure good health and longevity for the year. I have to decide whether I want to make one more towards the end of the year. It's actually a little tricky, because the inside caps are a tight fit inside the bamboo tubes. Also, there's little in the way of written instructions, so I was left guessing to exactly what the correct steps should be. It didn't turn out too bad. I used 0.18mm thick paper, which is good enough for this project. It stands about 4" tall.

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