Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kewpie Thor

Probably one of the most common form of parody figure is that of the Kewpie-version. There have been toy figures and cell phone strap versions of Ultraman monsters and Evangelian characters done up in Kewpie format. Now, in anticipation of the release of the new Avengers movie in Japan, we have a website promoting Kewpie Thor and Kewpie Captain America. In one of the "photo manga", the three main Avenger dolls comment on what's important - power, friends, money, etc. They're interrupted by a bald Samuel Jackson who yells out "Hair!"


Dates for Dec. 2 to Dec. 10

Birthdays (14):
Werner Heisenberg, 12/5/1901
David (Firesign Theater) Ossmann, 12/6/1936
Steven Wright, 12/6/1955
Eli Wallach, 12/7/1915
David Carradine, 12/8/1936
Sammy Davis Jr., 12/8/1925
Sam Kinison, 12/8/1953
Flip Wilson, 12/8/1933
Ashleigh Brilliant, 12/9/1933
Redd Foxx, 12/9/1922
Buck Henry, 12/9/1930
Neil (Monty Python composer) Innes, 12/9/1944
Ada Lovelace, 12/10/1815
Tetsu ("The Dagger of Kamui") Yano, 12/10/1923

Died (10):
Dezi ("I Love Lucy") Arnaz, 12/2/1986
Marty Feldman, 12/2/1982
Marquis de Sade, 12/2/1814
Robert Louis Stevenson, 12/3/1894
Forrest J Ackerman, 12/4/2008
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 12/5/1791
Werner Klemperer, 12/6/2000
John Lennon, 12/8/1980
Robert ("The Tenth Victim") Sheckley, 12/9/2005
Richard Pryor, 12/10/2005

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