Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunrise, again

I was thinking of getting the sunrise again, for Christmas morning this time, but the sky was overcast and there was no point in getting up early for it. The next morning, I overslept by half an hour, but by checking out the webcam, it was obvious that, again, the weather was cloudy and there was no shot. That night was clear, though, so I set my alarm for 6 AM for the 27th.

It's getting close to freezing now, but there are sill people at the top of Shiroyama doing radio exercises, several of whom hung around to take photos of Sakura-jima, and the sunrise, afterward. My camera just does not handle night shots well, and low-light areas come out grainy. I took 52 photos, and only 12 came out well enough to be useful.

Lots of texture to the clouds this time. During the 1.5 hours I was on Shiroyama, the volcano was spitting out ash. Eventually, it thinned out enough to ride the air currents.

You can see the twisting to the clouds to the right.

Clouds look a little angry right now.

The sun finally starts clearing the hills in the distance. From this point, the camera gets swamped and the details of the sun's disk disappear into one huge white blob. Interestingly, while trying to frame the shots, I looked at the sun long enough to get an afterimage on my retinas that lasted 15 minutes. When I closed my eyes, the sun's disk as it cleared the hills appeared perfectly. Looked weird when I aimed at the sidewalk and the subtracting of colors made the afterimage turn a misty blue-gray.

False color image enhanced to better show the volcano ash riding the air currents.


Shiroibara said...

Beautiful! Thank you for being willing to get up early to get these!

TSOTE said...

Thanks. Glad you like them.
The photos I took last June were too far north of the volcano, and this time they're too far south. I'll try again in March to see if I can split the difference and get the sun actually coming up over the volcano.