Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bookstore Stairwell Wall

(The advantage of living near a bookstore that carries manga.)

Unofficially, I started commenting on manga magazines last February, but I didn't really start to do it consciously until June, and I didn't go on a mostly-one magazine per-week schedule until July or August. In 2011, I've covered 28 magazines aimed at men and boys and there's still no end in sight. I'm guessing that at least 4 new magazines have started up this Fall, and that's ignoring all of the stuff for women and young kids (which represents a minimum of 5 times the amount of shelf space).

Magazines I've Commented on in 2011:

Big Comic
Big Comic Original
Big Comic Spirits
Big Comic Superior
Comic Ran
Comic Ran Twins
Dengeki Daioh
GanGan, Monthly
Ikki, Monthly
Manga Times Special
Manga Town
Morning, weekly
Morning Tsu, monthly
Sunday GX
Shonen Ace, Monthly
Shonen Champion, Monthly
Shonen Champion, Weekly
Shonen Sunday. Weekly
Ultra Jump
Young Animal
Young Champion
Young Gangan, bi-weekly
Young King
Young King Ours
Young Magazine

To recap, I normally don't buy any of these magazines on a regular basis. But, if I did, I'd put Afternoon, Evening and Ikki on the shopping list.


Dates for this week:

Birthdays (16):
Roderic (Pope Alexander VI) Borja, 1/1/1431
Isaac Asimov, 1/2/1920
Urasawa Naoki, 1/2/1960
Victor Borge, 1/3/1909
Anne McCaffrey, 1/4/1926
Hayao Miyazaki, 1/5/1941
Rowan Atkinson, 1/6/1955
Danny Thomas, 1/6/1912
Charles Addams, 1/7/1912
David Bowie, 1/8/1947
Terry Brooks, 1/8/1944
Graham Chapman, 1/8/1941
Stephen Hawking, 1/8/1942
Soupy Sales, 1/8/1926
Larry Storch, 1/8/1923
Boris Vallejo, 1/8/1941

Died (8):
Victor Bouno, 1/1/1982
Jack. C Haldeman II, 1/1/2002
Kelly Freas, 1/2/2005
Erwin Schrodinger, 1/4/1961
Momofuku (Cup Ramen) Ando, 1/5/2007
Avery (Burns and Schreiber) Schreiber, 1/7/2002
Nikola Tesla, 1/7/1943
Galileo Galilei, 1/8/1642

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