Friday, January 27, 2012

Cul de Sac

Kagoshima is a big city, at least on par with St. Paul or Minneapolis. But it's built in with a number of large hills, and because of earthquakes, there's a law preventing buildings from being constructed above a certain height on the slopes of the hills (being at the top of the hill is ok). So, we get these little cul de sacs in the crooks of the hills that may only have one way in and out, with no tunnels to the other side. These photos were taken from the backside of the hilltop hotel parking lot, facing west.

The little parking lot down there looks like it belongs to a department store, company office, or maybe even for the hotel. If it is for the hotel, though, it's a nasty little walk up the hill every morning for employees. I think, rather, it's for one of the apartment buildings to the left of the photo.

Looking to the south, at the mouth of the cul de sac. You'd think that this would be a great, upscale place to live to get a little peace and quiet from the rest of the city. In fact, most of the buildings are rundown, and at least a couple look like they've been completely abandoned. It's the "trailer park of Kagoshima".

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